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Product Care

Keep your SPEQS® eyewear clearer and cleaner for longer.

You’ve already made a significant decision in your choice, now let’s make your new lenses last the journey.

Do SPEQS® offer a repair service?

SPEQS® offers a repair service for products purchased in the physical store and online store. Please contact our customer service team for enquiries about replacement.

Do SPEQS® offer cleaning or protective accessories?

SPEQS® do not offer any cleaning or protective accessories other than the original casing and microfiber cloth provided by some brands.

What are some basic steps to care for my new SPEQS® eyewear?

  • Always carry your prescription glasses and sunglasses in a case
  • Use both hands to take them off, as using one hand will mean the glasses come off at an angle, slightly bending one of the arms. This helps them maintain their original shape.
  • Never place the glasses lens down on any surface as this may scratch the lenses
  • Keep an eye on the screws that hold the frame together. If you find one is loose, tighten it gently with a small screwdriver bring them into SPEQS®
  • We offer a one-year warranty on manufacturer defects.

What tips can I use for cleaning and protecting from scratches?

  • Clean your glasses regularly with the lens cloth provided with your glasses and lens cleaner
  • Wipe them dry with your lens cloth or a soft, clean tissue
  • If you’re not using your glasses straight away, you can leave them to air dry.
  • Gently clean your glasses, as it can be easy to distort their shape or bend frames or nose pieces. Avoid trying to fix the problem yourself and bring them into your local SPEQS® store.
  • If your lenses have been scratched, come in store and ask one of our specialists for options.

Caring for your disposable contact lenses


  1. Wash hands well with soap and water before handling your contact lenses. Touching lenses with unwashed hands can scratch the lens, leave dirt, germs or can scratch the eye. Do not use moisturising soaps as they may transfer onto your contact lenses. Also, make sure hands are clean with no lint from a towel or paper towel.
  2. It is also advisable to apply contact lenses before applying makeup, and after washing off makeup.
  3. Make a note of the date you have opened or started wearing your lenses to prevent out wearing the manufacturer's recommended use date.
  4. Open the lenses blister pack and ensure they have not turned inside out. If they are the correct way up, the lenses will be shaped like a smooth bowl and fit comfortably onto the eye.
  5. Select a lens and insert immediately. If the lens has been used previously and stored correctly, there should be no need for additional cleaning prior to insertion. We advise applying your contact lens, in the same way, each day, ensuring you are placing them in the same eye each time.
  6. Keep lenses lubricated with appropriate eye drops. By wetting the lenses, this help to prevent dryness, irritation and discomfort while wearing your lenses. Check the instructions on any eye drop containers to ensure they are suitable to use with soft contact lenses.
  7. Clean and store your lenses with an appropriate product as directed by your optometrist. Be sure to follow each recommended step, and always store your contact lenses in fresh solution.
  8. For daily (one-use) contact lenses, always discard your lenses after each wear.
  9. And one extra thing - always keep a handy spare pair! You never know when you are going to need them.

Notes on contact lenses:

  • If you have blurry vision, please see your optometrist for advice with your contact lenses.
  • Do not wash with tap water or your saliva (Believe us, we have seen it done!). The germs in tap water and your mouth are not ok for your eyes. You can end up with a nasty infection, which may prevent you from being able to enjoy your contact lenses for quite a while.
  • Cleaning your lenses after each use will remove any buildup of protein, keeping your contact lenses super comfortable.
  • Clean and replace your contact lens accessories often, this includes your case, cleaners, disinfectants, vials etc. Clean these only as directed.
  • Clean the case with hot tap water and dry. Acanthamoeba cysts can remain present from tap water even after drying, it is suggested that cleaning the case with a multipurpose solution or contact lens cleaner is recommended.
  • Replace contact lens case once every three months. This can reduce the risk of any bacterial infections.

Returning Contact lenses:

  • Returning your Contact Lenses is the same as returning or exchanging your eyewear.
  • Send your contact lenses back to us within 30 days of receiving your order. Any returns outside of the 30 day period are accepted at the discretion of SPEQS®.
  • Items must be in the same condition that you received them. Tags attached, materials that came with your purchase included.